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ECC Recruiting Updates

Below are brief updates. Please see the appropriate country-specific page for full details.

UK Recruitment

ECC will recruit in London on May 19-22 and Manchester May 24-25 for positions starting in the autumn of 2016. Please see the UK page for further details and e-mail a resume and cover letter to if interested in applying. Applicants must attend one of the above sessions in order to be considered.

Australian Recruitment

We are no longer accepting applications in Australia for positions starting in 2016. Please check back with us in July for updates on recruitment for positions starting in 2017! 

North American Recruitment

Recruitment for positions starting in 2016 has been completed and we will resume recruiting in July for positions starting January 2017 onward. Please see the North American pages for further details.

***All North American recruitment is coordinated by our Toronto (Canada) office, so please complete the online application on the Toronto (Canada) office page regardless of nationality or location within North America

Enjoy Japan with the most progressive employment package in the business!

If you are looking for a career move, have a passion for teaching, and are interested in a diverse cultural experience Japan has something for you.

ECC offers a great working environment, a competitive employment package and top-notch training - and we have an over 50-year track record to prove it. Whether an experienced teacher or not, ECC will provide you with the skills required for success in the classroom.

Beyond the workplace, Japan offers its unique cultural bounty. You can take advantage of the country's excellent transport system to reach the Japanese Alps for some spectacular views. Alternatively, you could explore the ancient shrines and temples; head for the coasts and lakes for scuba diving or visit the cities and discover fashion-setting Japan. You will find a dazzling choice of domestic and international cuisine, and whether you are looking for a cultural experience or just a fun night out, wherever you are based, you are never far from the opportunities this nation offers.

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