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For the individual seeking overseas employment, finding a reliable employer is paramount. We have all heard the nightmare stories about 'the employer from hell' or 'working twenty-five hours of unpaid overtime per week.' Unfortunately, the unsuspecting employees in those predicaments were unaware there was a better deal out there.

ECC, therefore, would like to reassure you that we offer the most progressive contract package among English conversation schools. We have a reputation for being a very supportive and reliable employer and many of our teachers have gravitated here from other schools. We offer a 29.5 hour working week where other companies offer 35 to 40 hours for the same salary, we offer two to four weeks more vacation than our competitors and the support we offer is comprehensive. We are sure that you, like our current teaching team, will find your time with ECC a satisfying and rewarding experience.

Contract hours & Overtime

A full time instructor contract is a five-day workweek with 29.5 hours on location / week. Of the 29.5 hours, approximately 25 hours/week is in-class teaching with the remaining time being spent organizing lessons and assisting staff/students/visitors as directed. There is often additional work available if you would like to supplement your base income - it adds up quickly! A 29.5-hour contract affords you the time to pick up extra money without over extending your energy.


The base salary is 252,000 yen/month . Since all relevant taxes are less than 10% of your income, you can keep the lion's share of your salary - unlike some other countries. See currency conversion/calculator.

Paid Vacation / holidays

Again, ECC prides itself on offering the best vacation holiday package among its competitors - approximately 7 weeks. This is two to four weeks more than our main competitors! A typical academic year includes: One week in late April/early May, two weeks in August, two weeks in late December/early January, five flexible holidays and finally all national holidays. You will have lots of time to travel around Japan and other Asian countries. - For more information about holidays click here.

Transportation reimbursement

All work-related transport expenses are reimbursed with your salary payment. (This does not include flights to or from your home country.)

Method of payment

For your convenience, your salary and related disbursements will be deposited directly into your bank account and a pay statement will be issued to you.

Opportunities for advancement

All administrative, training and writing positions are posted in-house. Many have made a career at ECC; for others the excellent training and experience they have received at ECC have enabled them to develop careers elsewhere.


By law, employees are supposed to join Japanese National Health Insurance. Additional information and guidance will be supplied at the hiring session.

Contract renewal/ Compensation review

Contracts are reviewed annually and are renewed with the mutual agreement of ECC and the teacher. Renewal is not automatic, and is subject to fulfilling performance requirements that are established before contract signings.

Annual compensation adjustments may be offered, and are determined by performance and the fulfillment of established expectations.

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