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Our name

ECC stands for "Education through Communication for the Community." This name expresses our belief that the process of learning is not an end in itself, but part of a broader effort to establish and deepen understanding and community ties among and between people around the world.

The ECC Group

ECC was established in 1962. The ECC Group consists of a number of divisions specializing in educational services. We have always focused equal attention on student achievement and corporate growth, and have always felt that providing our students with worthwhile and well-rounded educational opportunities is good business. We therefore like to think of our students as 'customers,' as this term reflects our commitment to their complete satisfaction. This model has allowed ECC to build a customer/student base of close to 380,000, supported by outstanding resources, including an employee team of more than 17,000. ECC has truly developed a golden reputation in Japan - 'If it's run by ECC, it must be good.'

ECC Foreign Language Institute

The ECC Foreign Language Institutes division is the flagship of the ECC Group. Since the establishment of our first school over 50 years ago, we have experienced steady growth and now have more than 180 campuses throughout Japan. ECC strives to promote a spirit of multiculturalism represented by a team of 15 different nationalities with over 400 native English speakers.

Additional information about ECC

Since 1969, the ECC Save the Earth campaign has provided donations of more than US $ 4.8 million to various worthy causes and organizations that support those in need. These organizations include UNICEF, the Chernobyl Foundation, as well as institutions supporting natural disaster relief, refugee assistance, reforestation projects, and both AIDS and cancer research.

Since 1971, the ECC Educational Research division has produced and published over 350 different textbooks.

ECC has cooperative relations with over 37 universities and technical colleges in Australia, Canada, China, France, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

More than 100,000 ECC students participate in the All Japan ECC English Oratorical and Recitation contest every year.

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